CK 600mm Deep Straight Desks With Panel-End Legs

Manufacturers Guarantee 5 YearsNormal Delivery 1 Week

Product Description

The CK 600mm Staight Desk With Panel End Legs can be added as a desk extension to a CK Radial Desk or be used as a desk on it's own. Ideal as a printer table. The panel end legs come with hight adjustable feet. A matching 600mm desk-high pededestal is available to give extra desk surface space and storage. A good alternative when the depth space is limited. Beech or oak finishes are available. The manufacturer offers a 5 year  guarantee

  • 1000mm Width Straight Desk
  • 600mm Deep
  • 25mm Deep Top
  • 3mm ABS Smooth Edging
  • Double Strut Cantilever Legs
  • 25mm Panel End Legs
  • Beech Or Oak
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

Product Options

Product DescriptionWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)PriceQty (exc VAT)
CK 1000mm Straight Panel End Desk Product Code: CKN2061000 600 730 £115.00
CK 1000mm Straight Panel End Desk With Desk High Pedestal Product Code: CKN208438 600 730 £233.00
CK 600 Deep Desk-High PedestalProduct Code: CKN150438 600 730 £128.00

Wood Finish

Total Cost: £0.00 exc VAT

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