Pick a Colour and Create Your New Office Design

Pick a Colour and Create Your New Office Design

If you are wondering how you can create a new office design, then you should start by picking a colour. It really can be as simple as that to design a new office that feels bright and vibrant. We have put together some more top tips to help you make the most of your space.

Colour theory applied to Office Furniture can be as simple as adding colour to a room furnished with white bench desks or adding colourful pieces to cheer a room up.

Visualization workout: a way to dream your office into reality

Imagine you are walking around your office looking around it, feel the fabric of your chair as you sit at your dream desk, hear the tapping of keys or the scrape of a pen as you type or write at your ideal desk. Smell the fresh scent of your pot plant or tickle your cactus.

Top tip: creating movement and sensory cues when visualizing can help the image become more real. 

Use the Colour Wheel to choose your Office Furniture

Sir Isaac Newton designed the first circular colour wheel in 1666. Variations on the theme have been drawn up ever since. Today we have some simple plans that are easy to follow. Colour is a nice way to contrast white furniture which looks cool and crisp and clean in an office, but may, of itself feel too clinical for everyday office use. Wellbeing is so important in the workplace. A sterile environment feel may create unease and boredom in those who have to work there, so the colour is a healing answer to the need to have order and cleanliness and at the same time a comfortable working environment.

Primary Colours make bold furniture statements  The film ‘Primary Colors’ may seem to have no bearing on this theory, but if you take a lot of different stories or colours and blend them together to form a bold striking picture you may find that however complex the mixture they pear down to simple truths or the primary colours and the essence of human frailty, valour and humanity. The Film is about the Primaries in the US, but the double meaning of the title belies a simple truth. An office may be filled with many parts, different items of furniture, different areas for different needs, but somehow these disparate parts can be drawn together with the use of colour. You could use a colour theme, or a theme per area or a chaotic blend of every colour under the sun. But all these colours have their origin in primary colours or so current colour theory may suggest. Everything through the root of the complexity comes back down to simple ingredients or primary colours. These are the only three colours that cannot be formed by mixing any other colour and are thought to be the basis of all colour. The Primary colour wheel consists of Red, Yellow and Blue. These are the colours that you first learn to paint with as a child if you go to a Rudolf Steiner School. From these three colours, you can create other colours. Red and yellow mixed create orange; blue and yellow create green; blue and red blend to purple and red yellow and a hint of blue create various hues of brown. From the three colours blended in various amounts, you can mix the colours of wood. If you want to use wood in your new office, painting the colour of wood finish can be a start. Then look and see if there are more red colours like Mahogany or Cedar, blue in silvery grey in Indian Silver-Grey Wood or yellow shades such as Pine or pale Oak in the finish. You can then pick up these shades in your fabric and wall colour choices.

Two primary colours, a secondary mix for your office furniture

Red, Yellow and Blue may be where colour truly begins. When you mix one primary with one other primary colour in the equal quantity you create a secondary colour. It’s not rocket science, it is simply one plus one equals two, the second note in a scale the second colour on the colour scale. It can be nice to use primary and secondary colours when choosing your office furniture to create a bold colour statement on a plain canvas of say white walls and white office desks. Secondary colours are orange, green and purple. These are great colours for adding accents to a room, colours that pick up hints of other colours or offset blander colours such as setting purple against grey, green against black or orange against cream.

Tertiary Colours: creating instability in your furniture

Tertiary colours may come in different hues depending on how much of colour one and two you mix together. They are secondary colours mixed in unequal amounts to create further variations of colour. Yellow-Orange or Red-Orange; Red-Purple or Blue-Purple; Blue-Green or Yellow-Green. The subtle shift in shade can be beneficial for choosing your colour design. If your Greens are Yellow-Green like spring leaves you can choose yellowish colours to work with the hue. This is a useful device to learn and easy to put into practice. Some colours may look good together and supposedly not match, whilst others may clash and grate simply not working in harmony.

Colour Harmony for your office chairs

Weave us together in Harmony and love as the hymn goes. Harmony is a happy blending of music, poetry, motion or colour. It is things working well together. Symbiotic relationships and symphony. When looking at harmony in terms of colour we see colours that work, that interest us that we like. At the two opposite ends of the scale are dull, boring, lifeless, nothingy colours or bold, clashing, garish, inharmonious combinations. Colour harmony is a balance of visual stimulation and order in chaos. In music, it may be the quarter tones that we resonate with the in-between notes rather than the full -n primary notes which carry the tune. In furniture, it may be nice to blend and contrast colours to create unexpected interest and harmony where we don’t expect it. You can add colour with chairs to create accents to a plain office canvas.

Colour Contrast can create harmony in furnishings

Colours that sit juxtaposed either side by side or at opposite ends of the circle on a twelve- colour wheel may create harmony in their opposition. For example, purple and red which sit next to each other or green and red which are directly opposite. Some other nice colour contrasts might be orange and pink which should clash, or orange and purple. Be bold and try throwing different colour combinations together and see what you come up with.

Set the mood with colour

Colour can be creative, wild, calm, relaxing, emotive, volatile or neutral. If you have a vibrant creative business, you may want to keep your overall office in neutral colours, perhaps add a hint of colour here and there, but not distract your creative mind with a chaos of colours. Neutrals, smooth surfaces, and plain colours. White can be nice, but if you need to feel a little warmed then look to wood finishes to bring you the gentle comfort of nature.

Your office may be vast and cavernous, in which case, bold statement patterns of colour may break up the expanse and bring some sense of balance to a room, whereas white everywhere may serve to make space feel even bigger.

You may seek calm and colour for example if you work with children so spring green or lilac may add colour in contrast to white walls and wooden or white-topped desks. A party space for an events office might go down the light bright and stylish pastel route or the dark black purple and silver cool youth culture line. Colour may evoke very different feelings. How it is used can also change everything. A plain room with a lime green musical motif in light lines flowing around the room may lift whereas red and black with playing card pictures might be very intense and difficult to work in every day. Think your office colours and use of colour through carefully. You can always paint a blank canvas and add colour through pictures, pieces of furniture and cushions which you can change as your needs change.

Cut and paste your dream into reality 

Whether you are thinking about your own home office or planning a larger scale refit, it can help to look at pictures online, cut them out of magazines and look at other offices. If it is a workplace where there are lots of people, you could pin up a collective vision board and let everyone add something using blue tack or a pin so you can move things around until it looks right for everyone.

Tip: Write down what you want

What do I do with my old furniture?

Sell it, give it to charity, up-cycle or recycle it. Saving cost and the planet while you refit is a great way to avoid adding to landfill and feel good at the same time. Through office furniture recycling, we will buy and clear your old furniture which is more environmentally friendly than simply disposing of it.

So what now? You have a vision of the best office for you, make it a reality; contact CK Office Furniture today!

CK Office furniture has it covered. We can buy your old office furniture, or if it is not re-sell-able we work with a number of charities who would love to benefit from your donated furniture.


Share your dream office!!

Share your vision, send us a photo of your dream office board and tell us what inspires you. 



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