CK Office Furniture Supports Local Hospice In The Weald

CK Office Furniture Supports Local Hospice In The Weald

Next year Hospice in the Weald celebrates 40 years of care

Hospice in the Weald started as just three nurses who visited people with terminal illnesses in their homes to deliver care. Its purpose was and still is to provide free care for patients, and their caregivers and family. The pioneering nurses were given a grant which enabled them to build the current premises, that was 30 years ago.  

Today Hospice in the Weald provides five services. How it has grown!

In-Patient Ward: There are 15 private patient rooms, looking out onto the beautiful orchards and Hospice gardens.

Hospice in the Home: Care in people’s own homes amounted to 11 thousand visits last year, covering West Kent and Northern East Sussex.

Hospice Day service: Patients, and those important to them, visit for activities and wellbeing treatments including art, music activities, seated exercise, massage, reiki and much more.

Counselling and Support Service:  Support is available for patients, families and carers from diagnosis to bereavement.

Cottage Hospice: The newest service, where patients continue to be cared for by their loved ones in a purpose-built space, supported by specially trained volunteers.

Cottage Hospice is the first of its kind and a shining example for the future of care in society

Cottage Hospice is the first service of its kind in the UK. A purpose-built home from home, where patients and their family caregiver can stay and continue to care for their loved ones, with adequate space and facilities (including special beds where couples can still sleep together) and volunteers to support them. Cottage Hospice will empower families to care for their loved ones at the very end of life.

CK Office Furniture supplies office furniture to Hospice in the Weald.                 

We at CK Office Furniture are proud to support the Hospice which is at the heart of our community and has donated towards their next order of furniture. The Hospice touches the lives of so many of us in the surrounding area. Nearly everyone in our local community is affected directly or indirectly by the Hospice and its work, for someone we know, a family member or friend, has been under Hospice care. Others are employed or volunteer there, attend charity fundraisers or simply know that the work is ongoing in our community. The hospice is 90% community-run, nearly everyone in the community has some dealings with the Hospice in some form.  We are delighted to be a part of this support network, thank you, Hospice in the Weald!

Hospice in the Weald premises are light, spacious and well thought through. There are communal spaces to sit and enjoy activities like art and crafts and exercise classes. There is a quiet room where families and individuals can sit and contemplate or participate in talks and services with the chaplain. There is a garden with gentle walks, scented flowers, a water feature and pottery forget-me-nots that have been hand-made and can be bought to help sponsor the hospice. There is a beautiful summer house where families can enjoy time together, with comfortable chairs and sunny colours. There is a labyrinth to walk and encourage mindfulness, meditation and reflective walking. Near the labyrinth and the summer house is a new edition…

Memory Tree Orchard just after installation in September 2019

The furniture for each space is carefully chosen

As you arrive there are a couple of upright chairs at the reception desk where you sign in. This leads directly to a café on your left with tables and chairs and a comfortable seating area for waiting and relaxing. The furnishings range from comfortable armchairs and café seating to modern practical office furniture. The café leads into an activity area with a table and to a lounge space with comfortable colourful armchairs. There is all manner of activities in Hospice Day Service, from treatments and care, art, activities, seated exercise, massage, reiki, just to name a few.

Continuing down the corridor to the hospice office which contains furniture supplied by CK Office furniture

Just past the reception desk if you walk straight ahead, there is a corridor with more art on the walls. Off it there is a quiet room and other reception rooms. As you turn the corner at the end you pass the main office. It is open plan and like the rest of the building, has nice coloured walls and furniture, is practical and nice to look at. There are a variety of types of chair, work surfaces and room to move with ease. Moving on you pass the Ward, with 15 individual patient rooms.

Speaking of colour, it is everywhere at the hospice.

 Art created by patients and families in Hospice Day Service adorns the walls, bringing colour to the café. Colour is so important, the right colour can help encourage rest, activity and a sense of wellbeing. They researched and implemented a colour scheme that gently changes as appropriate for each area in the space. This is a space to feel comfortable and is far from dull and depressing. Pastel coloured walls, warm and gentle fabrics, flowers, art and natural light, all create a comfortable place to be.

The memory tree orchard was placed in situ on September 14th 2019 and already copper leaves are growing on the branches

It is located at the back of the labyrinth and overlooks a living apple orchard and Oost houses. A beautiful Kentish scene. The idea is that anyone can buy a leaf for £120 a year in memory of a loved one. The above picture was taken just a few days after it was placed in situ and before any leaves arrived. Donations such as these help the Hospice raise the £7 million it must reach each and every year.

CK Office furniture encourages offices and you to recycle furniture at one of the five Hospice -in-the-Weald charity furniture shops

Whether donating or buying clothes or books on the high street or refurnishing your home, over £1 million of Hospice income is raised from their 27 charity shops. CK office furniture encourages offices to resell, donate or recycle their old furniture. Some furniture may have been built bespoke for an office and may not be easy to resell to another commercial office, however, it may be perfectly sound and suitable for a home office. The hospice furniture shops are a great way to donate what you no longer need whilst benefitting the hospice and the environment.

CK Office furniture encourages you to join us and support Hospice in the weald in any way you can, be it time, energy or sponsorship, this is a cause we are proud to support.