Office Chairs

Office chairs should not be overlooked in the workplace or a home working environment. You spent arguably the best part of your day and week sitting at your desk, and poor posture can have more impact on your body than you might think. Quality comfort with all the features you require, paired with the right aesthetics for your surroundings, can be difficult to find.

At CK Office Furniture you will discover a vast collection of brand-new office chairs, to suit any requirement, taste and budget. Our comprehensive range of office and desk chairs includes comfortable operator chairs and task chairs in various colours and styles, managerial chairs and executive chairs made from luxurious and durable materials, mesh office chairs, and sturdy 24-hour chairs that provide optimum comfort.

Looking for quality new furniture to fit out your organisation's reception area? After all, first impressions can make or break an important business relationship. We stock a stunning range of acoustic sofas, single and 2-seater sofas, or unique chairs that will add a focal point to any space. Browse the categories below to find the products you need and rest assured that you can buy them at a great price.

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Office Chairs For Sale - Delivery To Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex & Accross The UK

From our warehouse in Kent, our delivery vans are constantly delivering new and used office furniture including office chairs to our key delivery areas of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and London. This includes executive chairs, operator chairs, visitor chairs, along with associated office desking and storage.

If you are further afield we are also able to cover most UK locations, with small quantity deliveries likely to be arranged by box delivery or pallet, and larger quantity deliveries likely to be made in a dedicated van - just call today to enquire on 01892 832880.

Choosing a New Office Chair

While shopping for a new element to your working day can be exciting, the sheer number of options when it comes to office chairs might appear a little overwhelming. What should you be considering? Do I want a chair with wheels? And what even is lumbar support? Let’s take a look at the factors involved with deciding on a brand new desk chair.

Chair Lumbar Support

For those with poor posture or common lower back pain, lumbar support should be carefully considered in each office chair option for your home or office desk. Lumbar support is the support offered to your lower back, which in turn improves the position of your entire spine. Note also that lumbar support may be built into a chair or even come as an attachment for days when you need a little extra support. Consider the priority of lumbar support in your desk chair decisions above all else.

Head and Arm Rest

Armrests are an almost essential part of a new office chair. If you are expected to sit in your work chair for hours at a time, typically writing or typing at a desk, then adjustable armrests are absolutely paramount to your comfort. Research shows that your armrests should sit a few centimetres higher than your desk to provide the ultimate ergonomic position. For those that suffer from neck pain, a headrest might also have a great impact on your day-to-day comfort. Flexibility in your headrest angle and height is vital for a comfortable neck position.

Office Chair Backrest

The height of your new office chair should also be an important consideration. Many chairs are designed with a backrest taller than most people to accommodate a wide range of sitters. Ideally, look for your new office chair to rise just above your shoulders, ideal to provide shoulder support while the lumbar support is in the correct place in your lower spine.