New Office Desks

At CK Office Furniture we offer an extensive variety of new office desks, perfect for any office environment whether it be a single office desk or multi office desks for a network of offices. Our wide range of desks includes our popular CK Range Office Desks, and Bench Desk Range, offering simple, attractive and modern solutions to fit out your working areas, at affordable prices. We also supply excellent quality executive desking with associated furniture, cantilever leg deskspanel end desks, and also call centre desks, available in a variety of configurations. No matter the layout or style of office you are trying to put together, we believe our comprehensive selection of office desks will have something for you. Select a category below to begin browsing for the newest desk addition to your office.

Second Hand Office Desks - It Makes Sense to Re-Use

Are you a new company or an established business wanting to update your current furniture? Have you considered second hand office desks? Choosing new office furniture can be difficult, particularly as it needs to be functional while still reinforcing your personal style and overall business message; you may even find that your ideal furniture and equipment is out of your price range. However, if you consider second hand office desks, the style and design that you want is often much more affordable. And it will also allow you to maintain your ecological credentials as you are re-purposing office furniture that would otherwise go to waste. 
Recycling is by far the most sensible option in many situations, but particularly in the case of the second hand office desks that we have to offer. Not only will you be able to choose from a wide range of styles and colours, but also you will be preventing perfectly good furniture from ending up in landfill, while decreasing your carbon footprint and being environmentally sound. 
Often when people think about used furniture old and worn-out pieces come to mind, but in our case that isn’t the truth with our stock. Our second hand office desks are of excellent quality and are usually the result of company mergers, refurbishments or office relocations, not because they no longer do the job they were designed for. 
Buying second hand also means that you can find unusual and unique pieces that can complement each other rather than buying identikit desks from a wholesaler. This allows you to bestow a little of your own personal style on your office in order to make it a distinctive and individual space.

Cost Savings on Second Hand Desks

What better way to reduce your expenses without giving the impression that you have. We have excellent quality furniture to match your budget whether you are looking for second hand straight desks or second hand bench desks, as part of our supply of used office desks. They are the ideal choice whether you are starting up a new office or are refurbishing, and it always makes good business sense to spend wisely. If you can get the same level of comfort and looks at a cheaper price, it pays to do so and keep a sensible eye on your expenditure, so that the capital can be used for more pressing expenses to ensure your company achieves success.
There is no downside to purchasing second hand office desks, as you will be able to make your money go further while still being able to create your perfect office space. We have some excellent second hand beech desks that can be purchased at a far more reasonable rate than new, or if you would prefer, second hand radial desks that are ideal for a more generous workspace, and second hand desks with cantilever legs that give a minimalist look with unobtrusive support.

Plenty of Stock Coming in All the Time

We have a large amount of stock constantly coming in to our warehouse as companies continue to renew their office furniture and so create surplus furniture in large volumes. From second hand desks with panel end legs to used office desks with waved returns, there is a large quantity we have in stock to enhance your office space.
When you realise the money you can save while being able to find quality second hand desking in volume, then it won’t be long before your business benefits. Instead of coping with the usual waiting times when ordering from large suppliers and then having to assemble the furniture when it is delivered, why not see what we can offer instead. With the cost savings, environmental benefits, and huge choice at our showrooms, why would you look anywhere else?