CK Office Furniture holds stock of a number of second hand office storage ranges, including used filing cabinets, stationery cupboards, second hand tambour cupboards, and desk pedestals. The storage is made up of second hand metal as well as wooden units. You can often save money by buying second hand storage as new prices can be costly, and often the condition of the used cupboards or cabinets can be very good, or 'as-new'. Equally we often have 'garage condition' cabinets in stock, non-pristine and ideal for storage in the garage or warehouse. Please view our storage ranges and call if you have any questions on 01892 832880.CK Office Furniture holds stock of a number of second hand office storage ranges, including

Filing Cabinets

Storage solutions can be expensive in the office, but they are often necessary to store all of your information and files. CK Office can help you cut the costs with our range of second hand filing cabinets. These are perfect if you need a bit of extra storage without breaking the bank. We provide a range of different coloured filing cabinets to meets your needs. They also come in different sizes and styles too so you can be sure to find filing cabinets to match your interior.

Tambour Cupboards

This is the perfect storage solution if you are trying to save space in your office environment. Tambour cupboards feature a flexible sliding door shutter, rather than doors that open outwards. This means that they can be placed in more spaces around the office, as the doors won’t block people’s desk space or access. They also offer a stylish design that might be better suited to your office space. We have a wide range of second hand tambour cupboards available at great prices.

Drawer Units

A common complaint in office spaces is that people don’t have enough personal storage space at their desk to store all of their files. A drawer unit can make things much easier for your staff and add more functionality to their desk space. This can even make your staff members happier as they won’t have to keep getting up to go to storage units. We have a range of different storage units available at great prices. These come in different finishes and designs to ensure that they match your office space. This includes both wooden and metal storage units.

These are not the only storage units that we have to offer either, with a wide range of second hand storage options available online. We also offer storage solutions such as lockers and multi drawer storage. We are confident that we will have the perfect office storage unit to meet your needs. But if you don’t see what you are looking for online, make sure to get in touch with us. We are constantly updating our inventory and you might find something different online. Fill out our contact form or call us today on 01892 832 880 for more information