Second Hand Office Desks

CK Office Furniture has an ongoing stock of second hand desks which comes in to our main warehouse, and is stored for re-sale. The used office desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we have categorised them into 4 groups: second hand Radial Desks, (often referred to as L-Shaped or J-Shaped desks); Straight Desks (ie. rectangular or oblong desks); Wave Desks; & used Executive Desks. Please take a look at the range of quality second hand desking on offer. We make sure the desks are of good quality before we buy them in, however if you are looking for cheaper desk options (eg. for construction sites) we normally have desks like this to suit every budget. If you have any questions about our current stock, please call the office on 01892 832880.
Secondhand stock is coming in all the time. If you don't see what you want here we may have more at our warehouse. Call us on 01892 832880.

Radial Desks

If you are looking for radial desks, then CK Office has the perfect solution to meet your needs. We provide a wide range of products at greatly reduced prices that can help you save on your budget. Radial desks also offer the perfect solution to save space in your office, with storage units built into your desk unit. The curved design also suits smaller spaces as the desk can easily fit into a corner or tight area. We provide a range of different sized desks in a range of different wooden finishes.

Straight Desks

We offer a range of straight desks in varying sizes to suit all kinds of office spaces at great discount prices. If you are planning an office makeover and need new furniture then we have a range of different sizes in straight desks to suit your office space. Whether you are looking for office desks for several employees or you are looking for a single desk unit, we have a wide range of second hand straight desks to suit your needs. As well as a range of different sizes, we also offer desks in different finishes.

Executive Desks

CK Office also has some great deals on second hand executive desks for your office space. These can be expensive and opting for a nearly new second hand desk can help you to save money. We provide second hand executive desks in a range of different styles and sizes to make sure that we offer the right solution to meet your needs. Executive desks are perfect for your personal office or senior members of staff that have their own office space. Executive desks provide enough space to work from but also give the impression of senior level of staff.

We also have a wide range of other second hand desks available that are perfect for all kinds of office spaces and environments. All of the desks that we offer for sale go through rigorous checks to make sure that they are suitable for sale. We only provide the highest quality in all of our desks and many of them are nearly new. If you are looking for a particular desk style or need more than we are showing in stock, call us today on 01892832880.