A reception area should be furnished to a high standard in order to send the right message and to impress at a glance. We can help you enhance your office's reception area with different designs that will suit any taste and budget. We stock stylish reception desk designs that will complement any office interior. You can choose from straight, curved, sectional or modular reception desks, in a number of wood finishes, or with more refined gloss surfaces that make a lasting impression. Select coffee tables to match from our vast selection of top quality products. Add practical seating with one or more of our stylish options – we stock luxurious leather sofas, ultra-modern cube seats, or practical stacking chairs. Click on the categories below to browse through our range.

Soft Seating

It is important to have somewhere for clients to sit and wait when they come to your office for meetings. It is likely that you won’t be able to see clients immediately and it is likely that they will turn up early for their appointment. Soft seating can provide the perfect place for your clients to wait without you having to rush and put the task you are working on to one side. It also portrays a professional image of your business and provides a level of trust for your clients. We have a range of second hand soft seating to suit all different kinds of spaces.

Reception Chairs

Another great way to make sure you accommodate your clients is to use reception chairs to make sure they have somewhere to sit and wait. In many businesses, clients may often need to fill out forms before entering the meeting, so they will need somewhere to sit and fill this out. Reception chairs can also be an ideal solution as they can be stored away if you don’t need them, or alternatively, you can get more out if needed. We have a range of reception chairs at affordable prices to make sure they are the perfect fit for your business.

Reception Desks

The first impression that your clients get of the business is when they enter your reception. This is likely to be one of the main things they associate with your business and an unfurnished reception area can create a bad first impression. It is important to have a proper reception desk where your clients will be greeted and directed. But you don’t have to spend fortunes on a reception desk, as we have a wide range of second hand desks that are perfect for all kinds of office spaces.