Office Clearance & Recycling

Office Furniture Clearance Service

Used Office Furniture Clearance - The Process

Since our beginning in 1999, CK Office Furniture located in the heart of Kent, has offered an office furniture clearance service where we come in to clear your surplus office furniture from your premises, be it for the reason of a company relocation, upgrading your furniture and disposing of the old, or closing down offices. Further to an initial assessment of your office premises and furniture, we will offer to buy and clear your furniture with a view to re-selling the good quality furniture and recycling the materials from the poor quality furniture which we cannot re-sell - (recyclable materials normally being wood and metal). We will either undertake a site visit to assess your surplus office furniture, or often, just by emailing photographs of your surplus furniture we will be able to make a judgement as to how much of the job is unsaleable, and how much is saleable. From there will make a fair offer to buy, collect, clear, or dispose of your furniture, and this is done on a job-by-job basis depending on your location, access into and out of the building (eg are there any stairs? etc), quantity of furniture, how much is resaleable vs. unsaleable furniture etc..

We carry out office clearances all over the south east of England, in our home county of Kent, extending to all of the surrounding counties in the south-east, and including central and outer-London, and beyond. We have cleared furniture parcels ranging from a small number of items up to hundreds of desks, chairs and cupboards in one clearance. From small businesses up to large corporates, (including Prudential, Investec, Fidelity, and Vodafone) we are able to carry out an effective office clearance service that will meet your needs.

Used Office Furniture Recycling

Following the clearance of your used office furniture we will sort the items into saleable and unsaleable. Wherever possible we will recycle any materials from the unsaleable furniture, in order to avoid anything going to land fill. Working with our environmental recycling partners we ensure metal products and components (eg. old desk legs and frames, metal cabinets etc) are sent for recycling and wood components (eg. old desk tops, wooden cabinets etc..) are sent for recycling. We also recycle all cardboard packaging and wrapping materials which comes in as wrapping on the new furniture we supply. If you would like further information on our evironmental policy please contact the office and request a copy.

Buying second hand office furniture is in itself a form of recycling and will have benefits for the environment and minimise unneccessary waste. Some of our customers have a policy that the furniture they buy must be second hand, as it lines up with their company values, where consideration for the environment is high up their list of priorities. On the disposal side there are certainly plenty of companies looking to offload a lot of very good quality used office furniture which can often be nearly new, and to send this furniture to land fill sites would be something of a travesty. So the second hand office furniture market can help in the process of product re-use, and in giving a longer life to furniture, thereby benefiting the environment too.

If you are interested in our used office clearance service please do not hesitate to call one of our team on 01892 832880 to discuss further.