Go Gothic With Office Furniture Inspired By Game Of Thrones

Beautiful solid wood, with organic natural shapes, the Game of thrones set is tastefully filled with a modern take on mid-century medieval/ Gothic inspired furniture. Gothic furniture has a long history, it was in vogue from the 12th to the 15th century. It has been revisited over time, an example of this appeared in drawings, “in the taste of the middle ages,” by Professor Heidelhoff, in ‘The Art-Journal’ 1852(Published for the proprietors by George Virtue, 25 Paternoster Row and 26, John Street, New York). Popular in offices today are organic shaped, natural feature furniture pieces, such as the boat-shaped board table. Watching ‘The Game of Thrones’ it is evident the care and time that has gone into creating beautiful pieces of furniture.

Executive Desk Suite


In ‘The Game of Thrones’, there are several examples of impressive desks and interestingly shaped tables for different purposes. Small tables for setting things down on or to fit a space, long tables for eating and drinking at. A modern office may benefit from a scattering of small and large tables as is relevant to the environment.

 Professor Heidelhoff drawing of table 1852

Professor Heidelhoff table drawing 1852

Chairs in the Game of Thrones range from simple, low curved, rounded to solid angular and high backed. Modern office chairs and canteen chairs bear some resemblance to these basic forms.


 In the 12th century chairs were relatively rare, they were often round or square with low backs. By the 13th they began to have higher backs and polygonal shapes, in the 14th century chairs for the aristocracy began to resemble thrones, with an added feature; canopies.


Even certain outdoor scenes in ‘The Game of Thrones’ benefit from wood furnishings. The gardenscenes shot in the Moorish pleasure gardens of Royal Alcázar in Seville, one of the oldest standing palaces in the world today, are bedecked with low seats and intricately carved screens and framed paneling, which has been in use since ancient times, examples in Herculaneum attest to this. In the Netherlands in the 15th century it became more popular and was useful for building furniture with a large surface area such as chests, and partition screens.


From large feature desks to chaise lounges and chairs, the wooden furniture adds substance and weight to the series and adds another dimension to the essential character and atmosphere. There is an impressive list of carpenters who are dedicated to all the woodwork on set. Hidden in plain sight, the unsung hero in ‘The Game of Thrones’ is surely the furniture.

Professor Heidelhoff Drawing Of Chair 1852

Professor Heidelhoff chair drawing 1852