Guide to the Worlds Quirkiest Offices and Furniture

Not everyone's workspace is boring and filled with dated office furniture. Some offices are so cool it's almost hard to believe they're real! We've compiled a list of the quirkiest offices from around the world so you can see for yourself!

Grouponland, Chicago

First on our list is Groupon's HQ in Chicago, appropriately named 'Grouponland'. This office is 310,000 square feet of weird and wonderfulness that boasts a games room, tiki bar, indoor swings and a giant cat flying a space ship!? It doesn't get much quirkier than that!

Pixar Campus, California

Forget filing cabinets and office screens, the Pixar Animation Studios in California are where dreams are made. A place where employees are greeted by iconic characters such as Buzz, Woody, Sully and Mike every day, and can enjoy hanging out at the volleyball court, outdoor grill area or the pool!

Google, Zurich

This wouldn't be a list of the worlds quirkiest office spaces without mention of a Google office. The internet giant's Zurich premises are far from ordinary. This spectacular office has a range of cable cars available for private meetings, a slide that leads to a restaurant and even a dark room filled with tropical fish so that employees a can take a nap!

Red Bull, Mexico City

The Red Bull office in Mexico City is everything your typical office isn't! It's open plan layout includes a grass patch with swings and beanbags, an amusement room and bar. Perhaps the most quirky part of this office is the array of random bikes piled on top of one another surrounding the seating area!

BBC North Office, Salford

Based in the heart of MediaCity UK, the BBC North Office is known for its bright and colourful work space that doubles as a backdrop for broadcasts. Everything is open plan and there are no private offices, not even for the head of the building! Here, cramped office desks are a thing of the past, and are replaced by circular 'thought-pods' to increase creativity and productivity.

AutoTrader, London

Built in 2014, AutoTraders extravagant London office is complete with an Italian Job inspired tunnel that holds 3 suspended original Minis in red, white and blue. The office also boasts a camper van meeting room, a full-pipe for skaters and a ski lodge.

Etsy, New York

Etsy's new 2000,000 square foot HQ in Brooklyn is made up of upcycled furniture, reclaimed wood and eco-friendly materials. Like many modern office spaces, there are no set workstations and employees are free to choose from WiFi hubs and chillout zones whilst they help themselves to free grub!
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