Top Hacks To Better Utilise Your Office Space

Is your business steadily expanding?
Office feeling cramped?

You might be thinking of relocating to a bigger premises. Before you do, take a look at our top hacks for better utilising your office furniture and space to save yourself time, money and hassle!

Be Organised

You'll be amazed at how much space you can free up by storing those annoying cables in a tray or tube! Grouping your cables together will provide you with more under-desk space and will lead (literally) to better comfort and concentration. Invest in a labeller. Spend some time labelling desk drawer units so that items aren't left lying around on desks/floors. 

Vertical Office Storage

If you can't store it electronically, and you can't shred it, put it on a shelf! Office storage comes in a range of different shapes and sizes to allow for better space utilisation. If you don't have time to do your filing on a daily basis, make sure you have a dedicated 'To File' folder and set aside some time each week to efficiently put everything away.

Switch to Electronic

Storing files, folders and marketing materials in the office is messy, unorganised and just simply unnecessary in today's world. If you're still using filing cabinets for your important documents, it might be worth thinking about switching to a more modern method. It's not just about storing sensitive data on a USB stick or inside a desktop computer file. There are now many ways in which you can store information electronically, with one of the most popular methods being the 'cloud'. No, not the fluffy balls in the sky. We're talking about data storage clouds where for a small fee you can keep all of your files safe and secure in an online space. If you offer price lists/brochures it may also be worth looking at providing an online version and making your customers aware. This way you won't have to store thousands of marketing materials in the office cupboard, you'll be protecting the environment and enhancing your customers' experience simultaneously!

Split Up & Spread Out

Decide where you want each department to be located. Once you've established this, you can split up office facilities around each department, dependant on who needs to access each area the most. The idea of giving the manager of each department their own office is a bit of a historical concept. With the rising popularity of open plan offices, it's often a better idea to integrate employees and managers within the same vicinity. As well as reducing the needs for private office space, you'll also be encouraging an 'open door' policy that will allow your staff to work more productively. Screens and desk partitions are great for privacy in areas where employees are sat in groups. 

Embrace The Great Outdoors

Weather permitting, it's becoming increasingly popular for busy offices to hold meetings outside. This gives employees a chance to grab a breath of fresh air and is a way of freeing up some floor space in the office. Stand Up Meetings Purpose built meeting rooms can be costly to build, take up quite a bit of space and are usually occupied when you need to gather for a meeting! Holding stand up meetings in a corner of the office, canteen or pretty much anywhere on the office grounds will help your employees to feel more relaxed. It's also been said that stand up meetings promote additional creativity and productivity amongst employees!