Our wide range of new office chairs is ergonomically designed to make sure that they provide the right kind of support for sitting at a desk for long periods of time. We supply a varied range of mesh office chairs, which are designed to suit the human form and support the body. Made from premium materials and designed with a stylish appearance, these mesh chairs are ideal for a designed for a variety of working environments. The comfortable seat and the breathable mesh material forming the backrest combine to provide optimum comfort and practicality. Choose from the numerous styles listed below to find the office chairs that will suit your organisation's requirements perfectly. Our stock includes mesh back office chairs with upholstered seats, or full mesh chairs, executive mesh office chairs, mesh task chairs, and white mesh chairs. 

Mesh Office Chairs

Furnishing your office can be one of the most important decisions you'll make -  because the comfort of your employees translates to their productivity levels. A great addition to employee comfort has been the trend towards mesh office chairs. These new office chairs are quite unique; from their original styling and value to office design, to their flexibility, to the way users feel seating on them. Multiple office chair manufacturers have their own version of mesh chairs to cater to the growing demand.

Features To Look For When Purchasing Mesh Office Chairs

There are several mesh chair designs in the market, making the process of buying a bit overwhelming. Generally, these chairs are ideal for any office settings for a number of reasons we'll discuss later on. A few things to consider ensuring you get the right fit for your office includes:

  1. Backrest Height

Mesh chairs have 3 options for seat-back heights: Low-back, mid-back and high-back mesh office chairs.

Low-back: This mesh back office chair has the top of the seat-back ending just below the user's shoulder. It's ideal where active seating is required and users are constantly leaning forward.

Mid-back: These mesh back chairs reach the shoulder of the user. It provides a good deal of back support throughout the day, making it the ideal mesh computer chair.

High-back: A high back mesh office chair comes up over the shoulders with some even featuring a headrest. They provide full-scale support and comfort, which is ideal for constant meetings and employees needing frequent brainstorming sessions.

  1. Mesh, Fabric Or Vinyl Seat

Mesh back operator chairs can come with full mesh seats, fabric upholstered seats, or vinyl seats. Each has their own advantage and style. Some clients prefer to mix a coloured seat with black mesh back to match in with their company branding.

  1. Seat Adjustments

Most mesh operator chairs will come with standard gas-height adjustability and some form of back tilt, however this will vary from chair to chair. A variety of chairs offer back-tilt function, others will offer synchro-tilt with tension control, and then others will offer a seat-slide option, designed to extend the depth of the seat. Depending on the chair, you may also specify foldable arms, headrests, and chrome bases which are offered as additional options on a number of designs.


Why Buy Mesh Chairs?

Mesh chairs are gaining much popularity for the following reasons:

  1. Allow Breathability and Ventilation

A majority of workers spend most of the day sitting in the chair. Most traditional chairs are made of materials that trap heat, making seats hot and sticky and potentially triggering sweat which can be quite uncomfortable. Since full a mesh office chair is open for the most part, these chairs allow for air circulation, keeping employees cool, dry, and feeling fresh.

  1. Easy To Maintain

The nature of the mesh material versus traditional woolen-type fabrics used in most office upholstery, gives you an advantage when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The mesh material does not retain dirt in the same way, and is easy to wipe clean compared to traditional upholstery fabrics, therefore, resulting in less maintenance.

  1. Provide Support

An ergonomic mesh office chair provides support for the lumbar region. This is made possible due to the fact that mesh moulds to the contours of the back, ensuring users are correctly supported. A mesh office chair lumbar support will fully support your working habits and avoid any health problems.


Mesh office chairs bring function, style, and comfort together, making them ideal for any office setting. At CK Office Furniture, we offer a wide range of high-quality office furniture all over London, Kent,  Surrey, Sussex, and Essex. Spruce up your office today with our wide range of mesh back office chairs available in different designs, and colours, and available for every budget.