Panther 24 Hour Chair - Fabric

5 Year Component Guarantee From ManufacturerDelivery 3-4 WeeksFabric Colour Swatches Available (Recommended)

Product Description

The Panther 24 Hour Chair – Fabric combines luxurious comfort with functionality. An ideal seating solution for longer term use, the chair features a deep cushioned seat and fabric. The asynchro tilt mechanism and ratchet back adjuster allow for easy and efficient chair adjustments, to suit any need. The seat has a height adjustment of 475mm to 565mm, whilst the arms and backrest tilt can also be customised for more comfort. Made with a heavy duty 24 hour design, the chair comes with a 5 year component guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • Fabric Upholstery - Range Of Colour Choices
  • Asynchro Torsion Mechanism
  • Ratchet Back Mechanism
  • Deep Cushioned Seat For More Comfort
  • 475mm – 565mm Seat Height Adjustment
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Heavy Duty 24 Hour Usage
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 150 KG
  • 5 Year Component Manufacturer's Guarantee

Product Options

Product DescriptionSeat Depth (mm)Seat Width (mm)Seat Height (mm)PriceQty (exc VAT)
Panther 24 Hour Chair - FabricProduct Code: CKN1076510 540 490-590 £240.00

Fabric Colour Choice

Advantage Adriatic AD001Advantage Largo AD112Advantage Clipper AD126Advantage Cobalt AD004Advantage Trent AD124Advantage Hobbit AD213Advantage Fjord AD125Advantage Nightshade AD011Advantage Sea Blue AD017Advantage Purple AD118Advantage Beetroot AD116Advantage Granite AD009Advantage Pewter AD072Advantage Mineral AD010Advantage Graphite AD066Advantage Charcoal AD028Advantage Black AD055Advantage Cinnamon AD111Advantage Red AD014Advantage Wine AD020Advantage Damson AD093Advantage Fox AD119Advantage Sandvale AD016Advantage Tawny AD098Advantage Cranberry AD005Advantage Raspberry AD127Advantage Grape AD029Advantage Aqua AD002Advantage Leaf AD030Advantage Shamrock AD121Advantage Oasis AD117Advantage Persian AD101Advantage Teal AD120Advantage Aztec AD113Advantage Kingfisher AD122Advantage Turquoise AD027Advantage Riviera AD123Advantage Delta Blue AD026Advantage Trident AD124Phoenix Apple YP108Phoenix Rainforest YP114Phoenix Taboo YP045Phoenix Campeche YP112Phoenix Windjammer YP047Phoenix Montserrat YP011Phoenix Costa YP026Phoenix Parasol YP109Phoenix Scuba YP082Phoenix Ocean YP100Phoenix Arawak YP016Phoenix Curacao YP005Phoenix Cayman YP024Phoenix Bluebell YP097Phoenix Bluefield YP021Phoenix Tarot YP084Phoenix Havana YP009Phoenix Blizzard YP081Phoenix Paseo YP019Phoenix Solano YP110Phoenix Sandstorm YP107Phoenix Nougat YP111Phoenix Sombrero YP046Phoenix Lobster YP076Phoenix Jamaica YP027Phoenix Olympic YP113Phoenix Belize YP105Phoenix Calypso YP106Phoenix Guyana YP051Phoenix Tobago YP030
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