Choosing the right executive desking can help create the impression and feel in your office that you are wanting to put forward, and we have a number of options which we believe will enhance your executive office and create a look and feel that will impress! The CK Executive Office Range offers suberb quality executive office desks in walnut or oak, along with associated executive office furniture. The CK range includes office desks, pedestals, cupboards, and board tables. We also supply bespoke executive desks and associated furniture, made to order in a range of styles and real wood veneers. To check stock and delivery times for our executive and managerial office furniture, please call the office on 01892 832880.  

What To Consider When Buying Executive Office Desks

If you are looking to make a statement with high-quality office furniture, consider buying executive desks. Stylish, made from high-quality materials, they convey hard work, status and responsibility. With executive furniture, an office becomes a luxurious environment befitting working executives. Other than being luxurious, these desks will come with appropriate adjustments to take you through long meetings and gruelling work sessions.

There's a wide range of executive office desks in the market and they will come in varying designs, leg frame styles, finishes, etc. To help you make the right choice, consider the following:

Work Space Needs

The first step to getting the right executive office furniture is determining how you actually work. Regular, rectangular desks provide functional space and privacy, while irregular-shaped desks like the L-shaped, U-shaped, and Meeting Point Desks are more suited to facilitating communication in a collaborative working environment. Other desks such as sit-stand executive desks will increase mobility during the day, or bespoke made to order executive desks will provide the furniture of your choice to make the statement you want, and to represent your brand.


Executive desks come with a variety of features to achieve functionality and flexibility. For instance, if you want a computer desk, consider one with built-in cable management and made of a material that can track a laser mouse. If you have a lot of files and folders, invest in a desk with drawers, shelf space, and file cabinets. In terms of current trend, clients in recent years often opt for walnut executive furniture.


Luxury office desks are made from either high quality MFC, real wood veneers, steel, or glass. MFC top desks offer a great finish, whilst the real wood veneered desks offer the best quality but can be more expensive. Glass offers a contemporary look, making them the ideal executive desks modern. Steel is durable and is often found in glass desks' frames.

Office Layout and Space

It is common sense to purchase office furniture that fit within the overall shape and size of your office premises. For instance, irregular-shaped desks can fit perfectly in quirky corners, while still allowing for maximum desk usage. Apart from occupying much space, big, wide office desks also create a cramped space, which in turn restricts free and easy movement.


It goes with saying that price is a major determinant in any purchase. Generally, executive office furniture sets come in high-quality materials, making them sometimes costly. This doesn't mean you should compromise on quality. With a smaller budget, you may consider buying a smaller number of higher quality furniture pieces that will last, and add to the set at a later date. Luxury executive desks are bound to make you feel good once in situ!

If you are looking for the ideal CEO office furniture with all the above qualities, then you've come to the right place. At CK Office Furniture, we provide an extensive range of executive office furniture that comes in different styles, designs, finishes, shapes, and sizes. Examples are the CK walnut executive desks that are built to a high standard and guaranteed to make a strong visual impact in your office. For more information, contact us today or browse our site further!