Emerging trends in office furniture indicate a rise in the popularity of white office desks. A lot of businesses in the UK, ranging from digital agencies to financial institutions, are leaning towards white when it comes to the colour of their office furniture. Giving off a clean, hygienic vibe, the colour white is associated with simplicity. By simply encouraging positive emotions, white office desks and associated furniture can even have an impact on the productivity of your employees. White is a timeless colour that can easily be complemented with corporate colours to create a bespoke office design. We supply and install all over Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London, and offer a large range of white desking options along with white office storage and seating.

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Modern White Office Desks 

Productivity is key in the office. The environment plays an important role in how humans act, and our offices are no exception. The colour of the office and office furniture can affect employee performance. White desks create a modern work environment that's professional and visually attractive. 

White Desking Great for Small Office Spaces 

Both the colour of the office and the office furniture that fills it has psychological effects on the workers. When it comes to space, white surfaces reflect light and create the illusion of a bigger office or workstation. With office space becoming smaller and smaller in our cities, companies are turning to white furniture solutions to increase office space. 

Clean, Clutter-Free, Organised Work space 

But the benefits of white furniture are not just restricted to design. Cleanliness is very important in the workplace. The colour white is associated with clean, professional environments. A clean work space provides your employees with the much-needed positivism and relaxation. A clean, well-adjusted workstation keeps your employees comfortable giving them the ability to stay focused on the tasks they are performing. A disorganised work space, on the other hand, deprives your employees of the zeal and enthusiasm to work properly. 

White Desks & The Colour Advantage

White office opens up the office and either forms a base for splashes of other colours or blends easily with other colours. This means that you don't have to get new office furniture every time you redecorate or change the colour of your brand. 


Choosing white office furniture can be a cost-effective solution which creates a modern office ambience and collaborative work environment. CK Office Furniture supplies a wide range of office furniture to businesses all over Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and London. Our white office desk selection includes white bench desks, white cantilever leg desks, white panel end leg desks, white radial desks, and white wave desks. Our products are tailored toward maximum utility and function; therefore, those looking for white office desks with storage will find a wide variety of modern white office desks with drawers for and accompanying white storage (cupboards, white wooden filing cabinets).