As an addition to desktop screens - either fabric finished, or perspex desk mounted screens - many offices will require moveable freestanding partioning. With floor standing screens you are able to create more space-efficient office areas. There are numerous options available, and in this section we hope you will find the right floor standing screens for your office. Select from the linking or non-linking designs – they both come in a  number of sizes, shapes and colours, for endless installation possibilities. Whether you want straight, wave, curved or angle screens, prefer a classic black and white tone or a modern purple or bright green, you can order them here. The sizes range from 1000H x 1000W to 1800H x 1800W, with a large number of options in between. Durable and very practical, these screens are perfect for any work area. You may also want to view our floor standing perspex protection screens for facilitating social distancing within workplaces.