10,000 Steps - How Do You Keep Fit In The Office?

10,000 Steps? How do you keep fit in the office?

Finding enough time to exercise and stay active during the working day boosts fitness, along with the ability to make complex decisions. But where can busy professionals find the time for so many steps?

For an adult, a target of 10,000 steps equates to five miles of walking. Could the daily commute provide part of the answer, at least one way? Alternatively, if there are cycle lanes, a bike can be quicker than the car.

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How Do You Keep Fit in the Office?

Once at work, consider these options to get blood circulating:
  • Use the stairs, not the lift(s).
  • Walk over to speak to colleagues, rather than emailing.
  • Take the long route to the drinks machine, if possible. Stretching one’s legs gives the eyes a break while boosting energy and focus.
  • Walk to meetings, perhaps held in an outdoor area for fresh inspiration and a change of scenery.
Getting exercise in the above ways provides opportunities to combine physical fitness with peak productivity.

Keeping Fit At Work

Office employees who sit for prolonged periods are susceptible to neck pain, repetitive strain, poor morale and sickness absence. Fortunately, there is some good news in the form of practical ways to look after oneself while working.

Sitting down isn’t dangerous in itself; it is the length of time that increases the risk of weight gain and obesity, as this Science Daily article explains. In contrast, standing uses 20 per cent more energy.

Using Height Adjustable Desks

According to one manufacturer's survey, nine in ten Scandinavian office workers have access to sit-stand desks. In contrast, in the UK, the proportion is surprisingly low: just one in a hundred. Height adjustable desks enable staff to vary their posture from sedentary to more active, thereby improving posture and well being.

Sit Stand Desk - one sitting one standing

When they minimise the problems caused by working in a sitting position for too long, users of sit-stand desks mention feeling more energetic and less fatigued. With this innovative and ergonomic office furniture solution, it is impossible to hunch over workstations.

Finally, variation is the key to success. It is best to start gradually and progressively lengthen the standing intervals. In a comfortable working environment with adjustable office seating that encourages good posture, every individual should be healthier and more productive.

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