Height Adjustable Desking - Sit Stand Desking offers the user the flexibility to choose whether to sit or stand throughout the day at the simple touch of a button. Having the option to stand, as well as sit during the work day has been proven not only to benefit the health of the user, but also the business - improving health, well-being and energy levels. We supply ranges of cheap sit stand desks as single desks as well as back-to-back desks, so they can either stand alone or form part of a row of back-to-back bench desks. As these sit stand desks gain popularity in today's office workspace, many businesses are introducing them to encourage a healthier, more motivated and more productive workforce, not to mention the reduced risk of sickness due to back problems and other symptoms of sedentary work habits.

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Sit Stand Desks

What Are Sit Stand Desks? 

Sit stand desks are the creative and practical solution for today’s workplace. These height adjustable desks allow you to alternate between standing up and sitting down during the course of your working day, without sacrificing any of the habits and comforts of a fully functional desktop routine. There are a variety of standing desks on the market, and CK Office Furniture carries a number of models to best accommodate your particular needs and wishes. 

Stand Up Desks Bring a Range of Improvements to Office Work 

In recent times, the health detriments associated with the office culture of working while sitting down have gotten consistent media exposure. Stand up desks have come as a response to that. These innovative and variable working surfaces bring a number of health benefits. Working while standing has been shown to reduce the risks of back pain and injury, lower the incidence of obesity among office workers, and improve productivity. When given height adjustable desks, most employees would readily make use of them and spend increasing portions of their working time standing as opposed to sitting down. At the end of such a trial phase, users of sit stand desks demonstrated higher engagement, better performances, and improved job satisfaction. With such promising results, you can understand why the ergonomic standing desk revolution is not in full swing already! 

The Great Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk Mechanism 

Keep in mind, however, that many of the improvements we listed above are directly associated to the adjustable standing desk models only. The key to unlocking them, therefore, lies in affording office workers the opportunity to change positions during the day and encourage them to do so. Purely standing desks alone come with pros and cons similar to their traditional sit-down counterparts. To let you harness the power of height adjustable desks, CK Office Furniture specialises in a whole range of versatile solutions that employ a sit stand desk mechanism to its greatest advantage. 

Manual Height Adjustable Desks 

The manual sit stand desk is the more classic model. Thanks to a mechanism that requires minimal force and user action, the desktop can be adjusted to the desired height and angle using a small crank handle. This mechanical solution is particularly great for small height adjustable desks that require the least effort to shift positions. 

Electric Height Adjustable Desk Solutions 

Since not all offices rely on small sit stand desks, models with electrical motors were developed in order to make the adjustments even more effortless. An electric standing desk is technologically advanced and easy to operate for ultimate comfort and user friendliness. 

Trust CK Office Furniture's Local Know-How 

Whether you are looking for a narrow sit stand desk or a full-fledged electric height adjustable sit stand desk solution, CK Office Furniture is at your service. We are active in the areas Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and London, so feel free to get in touch for advice and quotes!