Height Adjustable Desks

Height adjustable sit stand desks offer the user the flexibility to choose whether to sit down or stand throughout the day. At the simple touch of a button, the user can easily adjust the height of the desk to suit their needs. There are countless benefits to these desks, as they have been proven not only to benefit your health but also your business, improving energy levels and staff wellbeing. At CK Office Furniture, we supply a range of cheap sit stand desks that are durable and high-quality. Join the craze as many businesses introduce them to encourage a healthier, more motivated and more productive workforce. 

Height adjustable desking is available on rectangular desks, and L-shaped desks. For a free quote including space planning for your desk, call us on 01892 832880.

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What Are Sit Stand Desks? 

Sit stand desks are a creative and practical solution for today’s workplace. With a height adjustable feature, the desks allow you to alternate between standing up and sitting down during the course of your working day, without sacrificing any of the habits and comforts of a fully functional desktop routine. There is a variety of standing desks on the market, and CK Office Furniture carries a number of models to best accommodate your particular needs.

The Benefits of Sit Stand Desks

Health Benefits

These innovative and variable working surfaces bring a number of health benefits. Working while standing has been shown to reduce the risks of back pain and injury and lower the risk of obesity among office workers. When given sit stand desks, most employees would readily make use of them and spend increasing portions of their working time standing as opposed to sitting down, which also improves posture.

Performance Benefits

Users of sit stand desks are proven to have higher engagement, better performances, and improved job satisfaction in comparison to those using the standard office desk. With such promising results, you can understand why the ergonomic standing desk revolution is in full swing already.

Types of Sit Stand Desk

Manual Desks

The manual sit stand desk is the more classic model. Thanks to a mechanism that requires minimal force and user action, the desktop can be adjusted to the desired height and angle using a small crank handle. This mechanical solution is particularly great for small height adjustable desks that require the least effort to shift positions. 

Electric Desks

Since not all offices rely on small desks, models with electrical motors are ideal to make the adjustments even more effortless. An electric standing desk is technologically advanced and easy to operate for ultimate comfort and user-friendliness. 

Why Choose CK Office Furniture?

Whether you are looking for a manual or electric adjustable desk, CK Office Furniture supplies quality sit stand desks in the UK. With years of expertise, we can advise you on which desk is best for your working routine. Using our very own vans and in-house drivers and installers, we strive to give you great products, at great prices, all with reliable service. Browse our range of sit stand desks today or get in touch with a member of the team to find out more.

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