Convert Your Desk To Standing Using Height Adjustable Desk

Make Your Existing Desks Agile With Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frames

The sit stand desk is rapidly becoming an essential part of the modern office. There are numerous health and productivity benefits to working on a standing up desk, and companies throughout the UK are catching on to this trend. However, some companies find the costs of replacing static traditional desks with new height adjustable desks prohibitive; others have a hard time filtering through the many sit stand desk manufacturers on the domestic and foreign market. CK Office Furniture is here to help by introducing an affordable and effective solution: the height adjustable standing desk frame – for use with your existing desktops. We offer a variety of sit stand desk frames only from different manufacturers that allow you to preserve your original desk tops while harnessing the benefits of a height adjustable desk in full. 
Height Adjustable Desk Frame Only In Black

Reinvent Your Static Desk with a Practical Standing Desk Converter

Moving with the times does not always have to mean throwing your existing office furniture away and making a major investment into all-new standing desks. You can opt for a height adjustable desk frame only, upon which you can fix the tops from the rectangular desks or corner workstation desks you already own. In this way, by furnishing your current work tables with electric desk legs, for example, you can make this positive office furniture improvement simple and affordable. We supply a large selection of sit stand desk frames UK wide and are proud to support every size of enterprise in their endeavour to improve the health and productivity of their employees. 
Rectangular & L-Shaped Sit Stand Desks

Make the Step into the Future of Work – on the Best Electric Desk Legs UK Has Known

We know how painstaking and detail-driven the process of planning a functional office space is. With every product variant we stock, we offer a height adjustable desk frame UK companies can easily integrate into their existing office plans. You can furnish any of your working surfaces with height adjustable desk legs, and you can make any standing desk motorised for ultimate comfort and flexibility. By choosing a convertible standing desk base only, you preserve the office look you have already developed without having to hamper innovation. 

CK Office Furniture Will Supply You with a Standing Desk Converter UK Wide!

We have extensive experience in a variety of standing desk legs or sit stand desk base only solutions. You will need to make sure you select the right frame with a lifting capacity that will support the weight of the desktop you will be supporting. CK Office Furniture can help advise on this. In the majority of cases the motorised desk frame will be able to fit underneath an existing desktop with simple screw fixings. With your order of a sit stand desk frame UK or electric height adjustable desk legs UK, you are in good hands and can make the most of standing desk innovations at a fraction of the cost!