How Often Should You Replace an Office Chair?

How Often Should You Replace an Office Chair?

Just like every other piece of office furniture, office chairs need to be replaced from time to time. But when exactly? And how do you tell? In this blog, we cover everything you need to know when it comes to replacing an office chair. 

How Long Do Office Chairs Last? 

The lifespan of an office chair depends on the composition of its fabric. Outlined below is the approximate lifespan of an office chair based on its fabric.

  • Fabric office chairs: These are the most common types of office chairs due to their comfort and durability, lasting around 8 years. However, you should consider replacing your office chair before it reaches its full duration to avoid back problems.

  • Leather office chairs: Leather office chairs are equally hard-wearing with an average lifespan of 10 years. Not all leather chairs last that long, however, so replacing the upholstery ahead of time is a good option.

  • Mesh office chairs: Mesh office chairs are relatively less durable, and need replacing every 6 years. While it is a low-cost alternative to fabric and leather, it also tends to rip and tear easily, which reduces its lifespan. 

A mesh office chair in an office in the afternoon

Signs that Your Office Chair Needs Replacing 

These are the tell-tale signs that your office chair needs replacing. You should heed them to avoid any problems that come with using an office chair well past its expiry date.


Whether it’s general wear and tear or loose or broken wheels, damage is a clear sign that you need a new office chair. Damaged wheels can cause the chair to wobble and disrupt your posture. Similarly, broken levers also mean it’s time for a new chair. When you can no longer adjust your office chair to suit your needs, it could lead to physical injuries such as lower back pain.

Reduced Comfort 

Office chairs are meant to support our backs and improve our posture while at work. If you’re experiencing body aches and pain instead, it’s time to replace your office chair. Perhaps, the padding isn’t as soft as it used to be. Either way, working on an uncomfortable chair is detrimental to your physical health and can also impact your productivity!

Style and Fit

This is more of a preference-based factor, but equally important. It’s good to try different styles when furnishing an office space, but sometimes we may find that it’s not quite to our taste. If you feel that your office chair is not right for you, it could keep you from being productive at work. While this might not be an emergency, a new office chair could spruce your home office environment and refresh your attitude at work.

How to Make Office Chairs Last Longer?

All office chairs will eventually have to be replaced. But there are ways to make them last. Keeping it clean and tidy is key. If dust and dirt are allowed to accumulate (especially in the wheels and castors), it can affect the functionality of the office chair. Wipe down the surfaces and vacuum regularly to make your office chair last.

You should also pay attention to its usage. Office chairs are in use approximately 40 hours a week. Although we’re seated for that length of time, we’re not always still. Swivelling on the chair or moving back and forth can contribute to early deterioration, so it’s important to use them properly.

Cleaning an office chair with a vacuum cleaner

Of all the components that make up a workspace, an office chair is perhaps the most important. While eventual wear and tear is inevitable, you need to replace your office chair from time to time as it can affect your posture and productivity. With its wide selection of quality office furniture, CK Office is equipped to meet all your needs.