Creating a Budget Home Office in a Tiny City Flat

Creating a Budget Home Office in a Tiny City Flat

It is amazing how often once I have visualized something it happens.

Moving your home office to a new room or creating one for the first time can be exciting and a little daunting. I moved to a flat a year ago from a terraced house. The flat is a little challenged on space. The terrace had two floors and crucially storage space. My new home is a new build, all on one floor, super energy efficient, but ... I am dreaming of upgrading my home office and looking at my budget, hmm… low budget and there is no office storage at all.

Bringing nature into your office with easy plants and natural materials.

I knew I needed lots of shelves to file books and paperwork and set about acquiring them.  I wanted second-hand furniture to take the edge off the newness of the building and wood, I love wood, it is warm and nice to touch and look at. My windowsill is packed with plants, including a money plant and a geranium which flowered non-stop for three and a half years – well - until I moved- it’s now blooming and in full swing again! So back to nature in the office, wood helps me feel closer to nature and helps me feel comfortable when I am working. A family member unexpectedly offered me three sets of shelves just as I needed them, but an office furniture company, charity shop or internet search can all help source second-hand furniture.

History and a confession

I brought my escritoire (circa 1975 - bought from a charity shop) with me but for some strange reason, I never owned a chair for my desk. I had used a chair that was in my old house (which was rented) and can you believe it… I still don’t have an adequate chair. Actually, I am ashamed to admit, I don’t actually have a chair at all. I have been so busy, I have been working on the sofa, (like now) and believe me that’s not good for long stretches of typing, my posture and circulation have suffered. So I am on a mission to find a good chair. One I can sit in comfortably and that fits in my little home office at my compact desk. It's number one on my to do list!

I have shelves, a desk and a vision of a chair… now to dream the rest … into reality!

With second-hand furniture I can save on money and still get exactly what I want.

CK Office furniture has it covered. We can buy your old office furniture, or if it is not re-sell-able we work with a number of charities who would love to benefit from your donated furniture. We buy and clear your offices for office furniture recycling or resale. You have a vision of the best office for you, make it a reality.  So what now? contact CK Office Furniture today!

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