Ideas for Making a Small Office Space Feel Larger

Ideas for Making a Small Office Space Feel Larger

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Ideas for making a small office space feel larger.

Have fun and turn unwanted or upcycled things into storage solutions: A ladder, for example, might become a set of shelves and painting the rungs with bright cheerful colours transforms it into a feature in itself. 

Create visual space from walls: A little tweak: pulling furniture a little away from the wall can make a room feel more spacious.

Any excuse for a decluttering party: Clutter can accumulate very quickly and it shows very quickly in a small office environment. An hour with some feel-good music and a tidy-up may make an instant impact on your office space. Box in wires and minimise them. 

Painting a splash of colour: colour or bold patterns makes small spaces seem bigger. Bright colours may not seem to be an obvious choice for a small office, but they may visually make the room feel bigger. A splash of a bold pattern is currently on-trend.

Uplight and use lamps to give an illusion of space: Lighting up dark corners and spaces you don't look at that much may help build a sense of space in a small room. Some coloured bulbs can add another dimension opposing colours on the colour wheel can be used to create closeness and distance in a room and be fun too!

CK Office Furniture can buy or recycle your old office furniture and help you fit out with new and or second-hand furniture. Follow the link to our Office Clearance and Recycling page, recycle and upcycle. Using second-hand furniture is after all recycling! 

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