How To Manage Your Boss In The Office

Does Your Boss Take A Carrot & Stick Approach Or A Trust & Collaborate Approach?

A dictatorial boss may feel that it is their duty to control the workforce. This sense of responsibility may lead them to feel, that sanctions and rewards are the only ways to get results. Such a boss may feel that people are only working for money, that they lack ambition and avoid responsibility. This attitude may lead them to direct at best, cajole, coerce or even threaten.

What sort of an office is the dictatorial boss likely to have or want?

Most likely, if a room can be found with a door to shut and a large executive desk to sit behind, this would be ideal for the dictatorial boss. It emphasizes the distance between boss and employee. An executive desk, lockable filing cabinet and managerial chair.

So how does one manage and appease a dictatorial boss?

With a deep breath and a count to ten, stand up tall and relax your shoulders. Good posture may help you feel more relaxed and confident in yourself. Keep calm and build their trust in your ability to work willingly with a positive attitude. Keep them informed with progress reports and run things by them for permission before carrying out any work.

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A collaborative boss may elicit cooperation and team spirit

They may see to create conditions that will ensure people will enjoy being self-motivated to work hard to achieve goals for the company as well as for themselves. They may feel that given goals that suit both the person and the company, employees will want to carry these objectives out and would without any need for a boss to be constantly breathing down their neck.

What sort of an office is the co-operative boss likely to have or want?

A co-operative boss may like to work with the team and extend this to having a desk in a general office with everyone else and being a part of the team. They may give shared responsibility for tasks and general responsibility for safeguarding data. They may ensure that everyone has a desk, comfortable chair and communal areas for socializing.

How does one work with and manage a collaborative boss?

Consult with your boss and share in decision making processes, and don’t be afraid to put forward an opinion, give encouragement and even, when appropriate, praise. Informing the team of progress every now and then may help reinforce the trust vested in you.

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