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Office Design: Marketing through Office Design

Marketing your business in 2019 is as much about great design as it is about the product you sell.

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How can office design help market your brand?

The workplace is not just a workplace, but the mouthpiece of the product being sold. By creating better workplaces that are in- keeping with modern trends like connecting with nature, rethinking how we work and creating experience driven workspaces, companies are connecting with employees and clients alike. The workplace today reflects the company ethos; design shows the personality of the company and can be actively deployed to market a brand. For example, a sports office can be decked out with games opportunities and have ongoing tallies for games being played within the company. Ancestry includes photos of employees alongside their ancestors.  A current trend is to literally grow your logo and incorporate it in your office planting scheme. With biophilic designs offering more opportunities to get creative with green planting, offices are bringing the outdoors in.

2019 Office Design Trends 

Office design has moved on from simply finding creative use of workspace and innovative design. Now design is rethinking the whole way we identify work and the workplace. Optimizing space is one thing that is likely to increase in importance, successful companies are now providing places to think, promote wellbeing, deliver fun activities and challenges and cater for multiple needs and personalities within the workplace. Cutting edge design is great for morale and promoting well-being, design initiatives boost the whole business, which drives our economy. 2019 office design trends continue to focus on employee and customer wellbeing. Key to this is the focus on green initiatives, happiness and redefining the nature of the workplace. A happy workforce is a wealthy one.

Offices with glass partition, desks, chairs, colourful artwork, tables and chairs

Co-Habiting Companies Are Taking Down Barriers

tech start-up companies really set the trend for open plan multi-use spaces. They encouraged people to think, to move about and to get creative.  Evolving from several companies in a building and beating the competition by design; trends of 2019 are even more avant-garde - not just companies under one roof, but sharing the same space, even sharing work expertise. These are highly competitive times and every business has to have an edge to survive.  Joining forces is an exciting way to work, growing the pool of people who can be called on for ideas and tasks, increasing the workforce and sense of community, crushing competition.

  • Open plan office design
  • Lightweight, moveable office furniture like our mesh office chairs
  • Places to socialise and relax, plants and natural light
  • Incorporating several businesses in the same space

Experience-driven workplaces 

Ever more important in today’s competitive market, experience-driven workplaces often include spaces to relax and meditate; drink at cocktail bars and coffee corners, rooms to play virtual and tactile games, sports and activity spaces both in and outdoors, gardens, music and theatre experiences and any number of spaces and innovations to encourage creativity and contentment. Architects ever increasingly need to innovate in their overall office design from the outside in.

  • Climbing walls
  • A stage for performances
  • Sports pitches and games rooms
  • Coffee and cocktail bars
  • Meetings are better with boat shaped tables

Modern office design is the company brand. Like never before companies are showing who they are through innovative design. Design is increasingly sensitive to the needs of employees and more in touch with nature, comfort, expression and real life. Design is being utilised in office architecture, in how a space is used and in showing what a company is all about. Design is breaking down barriers between the office and the outside world and between company and client. Modern design is company brand.