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Our Office Furniture Manufacturers

Are you are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality office furniture in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex, or London? Here at CK Office Furniture, our goal is to help you achieve the office of your dream. That's why we've partnered with some of the best office furniture manufacturers in the UK to provide you with quality and choice for office furniture installations and fit outs.

Some of our main partner manufacturers include:

Hawk Furniture

Hawk Furniture was established in 1988 and has since managed to manufacture high-quality office furniture. Located in East Yorkshire, this family-owned and operated business is so confident in the quality of their products that they guarantee a full 10 years on their furniture. Their furniture is also FIRA tested to British standards to assure you of their safety and durability. With regard to keeping our environment safe, Hawk Furniture is constantly reviewing their manufacturing processes and raw materials to ensure they continue to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. They manufacture a wide range of furniture, some of which include bench desking furniture, tables, lockers, boardroom furniture, call centres furniture, storage units, screens, height adjustable desks, and much more.

Dynamic Office Solutions

Dynamic Office Solutions has become one of the fastest growing office furniture manufacturers countrywide thanks to their affordable design-rich furniture, and quick-delivery structure. Located in Northampton, this manufacturer started as a seating supplier and moved on to furniture in recent years. Dynamic works with highly experienced designers to exceed customer expectations, and are committed to procedures and actions that will ensure environmental sustainability. Dynamic Office Solutions has one of the largest portfolios of furniture, seating, and storage products in the UK, some of which include the Impulse Contract Desking, which includes call centre desks, crescent desks, desktop screens, and wave desks; impulse tables such as boardroom tables, conference end tables, and folding tables; height adjustable desks, evolve bench desking systems, storage units, and so on.

Dams Furniture

For the last 50 years, Dams Furniture has been committed to fulfilling the diverse and changing needs of the office furniture industry. And so far, they have done a great job. They operate in Knowsley and most of their products are manufactured in the UK. They use the latest manufacturing technology to ensure the highest level of quality and their products are FIRA tested to assure you of their safety and durability. To ensure environmental sustainability, they only use FSC-certified wood. They manufacture a wide range of furniture, including desks, wooden storage units, steel storage, screens, seating, tables, and so on.

Mobili Office

Mobili Office strives to create cutting edge furniture designs that not only offer functionality but also helps to improve and evolve the workspace. They are located in Skipton, North Yorkshire and their quality products can be found across the UK and even in international markets. They are also committed to minimising any adverse effects to the environment and as such, comply with all legal requirements with regard to the manufacture and distribution of furniture. Our partnership with them ensures clients get inspired, well designed, and efficient workplaces. They manufacture a wide range of wooden and steel desks, seating, storage units, conference/meeting furniture, and much more.


Eborcraft is one of the oldest and largest office furniture manufacturers around, focusing primarily on high-end executive veneered office furniture. They are located in Dunnington, North Yorkshire. For over 127 years, they have managed to transition from one generation to the other while creating high-quality furniture. They incorporate technological advancements and product innovation in their manufacturing processes to create furniture that suits current market trends and demands. The company's manufacturing portfolio extends far beyond executive desks, reception desks and conference tables. They have introduced Jive, which is a collection of laminated tables, benches, and seating, meant for more informal office environments. Other innovations include Gemini's tilt-top meeting tables; Avid, which include a wide range of modern wood veneered and MFC furniture; Zenith chrome, which encompasses a range of laminated, MFC, and wood veneered furniture for executive offices; as well as wall panelling that can be fitted with audio-visual equipment.


NARBUTAS is an international manufacturing company located in Vilnius, Lithuania, with a strong reach into the UK. Since its inception in 1991, the company strives to create every product with the client in mind. Today, they design furniture aimed at modern workspaces for the modern employee. Their furniture is designed by internationally renowned designers to produce the highest international quality standards. They also design and produce non-standard furniture. This means that if a client envisions an entirely new design, they can help make it a reality. They produce a variety of furniture ranging from tables, desks, storage units, acoustic solutions, lounge & soft furniture, chairs, executive furniture, reception furniture, and so on. With them, you can be assured of modern, functional and durable furniture for your office space.