Designed specifically for workers who spend the majority of their time seated, operator chairs, also known as task chairs, must be ergonomic, comfortable, and functional. Whilst they are one of the more basic styles of office chairs, our used operator chairs are often available with various features that can be beneficial to the user, such as additional lumbar support, neck rests, and armrests. 

Second Hand Task Chairs

We stock a wide range of second hand operator chairs that come from clearances and bulk used office furniture purchases we make. This means that you can find affordable, quality preloved task chairs for your home or office locations. Our used operator chairs are ideal for office spaces of all sizes and styles, with options in a variety of different designs, sizes and colours - low to high spec, to suit any requirement and budget. Match any of our operator chairs with one of our second hand office desks.

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Adjustable Used Operator Chairs

Whatever your office layout, size and budget, CK Office stocks the model for you. The real advantage of operator chairs is their flexibility to suit your exact needs. Our second-hand operator range is no different. We stock adjustable height operator chairs with multi-adjustment levers to adjust the height, tilt, backrest, and more, enabling you to adjust the chair to your satisfaction. This is perfect for filling spaces in an office space or for private use in your home office. If you are unable to find the perfect used operator chair, we also stock a variety of new task chairs.

Why Choose Used Furniture from CK Office?

 When shopping from our used office chair ranges, you can be certain you’re browsing from quality stock items. Our second-hand items are sourced from our office clearance projects where the furniture is surplus to requirements for companies downsizing or dissolving physical premises. We are dedicated to ensuring nothing is thrown away that can be reused, minimising landfill. This means that our warehouses are full of quality stock for resale.