Force Bench Desk System

Product Description

The Force Bench Desk System is a new range from one of our manufacturers, Hawk. Latest trends indicate that the office furniture industry is moving away from skinny leg frames and towards the thick and chunky, both for strength benefits and improved aesthetics. The Force Desk is a high-end system with absolutely no compromise. The bench legs come in a standard choice of grey, silver, black, or white, (with other colour options available on request), and there are a selection of 12 wood finishes to choose from. A large range of associated storage is available as part of the Hawk range, in the colours of your choice.

To view this product and more in this range, please download and browse the Hawk brochure on the link below, and for bulk orders, contact the office for a quote on the furniture you are interested in. We will be happy to guide you or help with any questions you may have.

Force Bench Desk - HK

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Force Bench Desk System - (Download pdf brochure or call office for more information)Product Code: CKN845 £521.00