Bench desks have become very popular in recent years, and they offer some clear advantages to the modern working office, aside from looking modern and sleek. Bench desking systems are not only cost-effective, but offer flexibility for future growth, provide opportunity for collaborative workspaces for staff, and are used widely for the hot-desking model in many organisations. Bench desks systems lend themselves to open plan desk design or spacious working environments where functionality and style are equally important. These modular office desks, sometimes known under other names such as beam desks or modular desks, will help you create a practical office and working space. The CK White A-Frame Bench Desks offer one of the most cost-effective office bench desk systems. We also stock bench desks in a large range of wood finish colours in the Budget Bench Desking category, and products with a contemporary design and sturdy toolbar screens that will hold multiple office monitors in the Evolution Bench Desks range. We have supplied many companies in the Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and South East with our bench desking ranges.


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Bench Desk Systems

What are Bench Desk Systems?


Bench desks refer to a range of office desks designed to suit the modern office, with desktops placed together but sharing a common frame. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as office beam desks due to the beam system frame design. Bench desks come with a variety of leg frames including straight, angled, steel, wooden, and a-frame bench desks. It is possible to design the long bench desk with a set of accessories depending on a client’s specifications. Here are some of the benefits of using bench desks in your office setup. Sometimes known as modular desks or open plan desks due to their back-to-back add-on design and suitability to open spaces.

Benefits of Using Office Desk Benching

Enhances Open Communication Between Employees

Office bench desk systems create an ambience of open communication between employees especially in organisations where they are expected to work collaboratively towards the achievement of firm goals.

• Minimizes Distractions

Offices with enclosed office places can tend to make employees unproductive because they can engage in other activities. However, the open design of office work benches leads to higher productivity because employees can be sure their bosses are watching!


Bench style office desks can be very cost-effective for the management compared to other stand-alone desking, while at the same time offering a comfortable working space for the employees. Additionally, the benches can be fitted into any office despite the size. 

Different Types Of Bench Style Office Desks

We have a range of bench desks meant to suit different needs and budgets. The furniture comes in different shapes and sizes.

6 Person Bench Desk

The 6-person bench desk is a popular option for small offices which are introducing the modern desk setup with 3 x back-to-back desks. As with all bench desking you can add on desks to the same run of desks as staff numbers increase. These bench desks are made with worktops which have a thickness of 25 mm. They also have screens which can be modified to suit your specification. They can come with pedestals and are available in five different finishes.

600mm Deep Bench Desks

Bench desks are constructed such that they occupy minimal space and they can be built such that they stand singly or run back to back. With these desks, it is possible to have a 600 mm deep shallow desk option.


Benching desk systems are the best solution for many office spaces. The benches are suitable for offices with limited spaces. Besides being cost effective, they allow a collaborative work atmosphere while at the same time enhancing productivity. The 6 person bench desks are just one of the few office bench desking variants that we have.

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