Protective Perspex desk screens are in high demand for offices in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and the continued need for social distancing. Current government guidelines recommend that all office workers that cannot be made to work at a distance of 2 metres should be separated by a protective screen. Tall desk dividers, floor partitions, perspex screens with clamps, and other separating barriers are becoming a common sight in offices and workplaces accross the UK, in an effort to restrict the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses.

Partition screen manufacturers have quickly brought a number of new desk screens and free standing screens to market, and we have several ranges we can supply, either from stock or made-to-order. Acrylic desk screens (often known as Perspex screens) offer a tough see-through solution, maintaining visibility and light through the office, as do glass desk screens, and other materials such as polycarbonate and polyvinyl. Our screen ranges include bench desk protection screens which create separating barriers between colleagues sat side-by-side, and acrylic desk topper screens to extend the height of your existing screens. 

Types Of Covid Protective Screens:

The Covid pandemic has presented society with enormous challenges, including how to safely return to workplaces whilst at the same time keeping staff and employees socially distanced wherever possible, and thereby reduce airborne transmissions of bacteria. One part of the solution to this problem is to introduce transparent barriers between workers, which create see-through partitions which separate users whilst still allowing visibility and effective communication between colleagues. Our protective covid screens are available in a variety of materials, the most common being clear cast acrylic (or branded names Perspex or Plexiglass), or clear toughened glass. These office screens can be desk-mounted, clamp-fixed, fitted as toppers to existing partition screens, freestanding, or floorstanding.

Clamp-Fixed Covid Desk Screens:

These protective desk screens (the majority of which are clear perspex desk screens with clamps - with glass or polycarbonate as alternatives) are fixed to desks or tables by C-Clamps (or sometimes referred to as G-Clamps). The C-Clamp fittings sit over the edge of the desks at the back or side and is tightened by either a screwdriver, allen key, or can be finger-tightened, depending on the design. Clamp-fixed screens can fit to most office desks providing there is enough of a desk edge for the clamp to fix to - (if the backboard or desk leg comes to the very edge of the desk, as is the case with a small number of desk designs, the clamp will have nothing to grip onto). Different sizes of clamp brackets will accommodate different desk thicknesses and we recommend checking your desk thickness before ordering the relevant clamps.

Desk-Mounted Covid Screens:

Protective screens with clamps (as described above) could also be described as desk-mounted screens as they mount to the edge of the desktop. However screens that run directly on top of the desktop might more accurately be described as desk-mounted screens. These screens run from front to back of a desktop thereby creating side partitions for the user, and the screens are fitted to the desktop itself, not just the desk edge. One of our covid screen ranges achieves this by using a C-clamp at the front and a surface mounted clamp at the back which is fixed the desktop by a strong adhesive pad. These protective acrylic screens are ideal for bench desks, and desking where users sit side-by-side on runs of desks. These screens are also available in sizes deeper than the desktop, so that the clear protective screen will overhang the desk, increasing the barrier between users sat side by side.

Covid Topper Extension Screens:

Many desks are already fitted with desk dividers, normally fabric finished, and rather than replacing these screens with taller protection screens, clear acrylic topper extension screens can be added to existing desk partitions. These covid screen extension toppers easily clamp on top of the existing screens and create a see through barrier above the height of the existing screen. We recommend choosing the correct clamp size to fit over your existing screen as existing desk screens can come in a variety of thicknesses.

Freestanding Covid Desk Screens:

Freestanding perspex protection screens can be used in a number of areas including receptions, counter-tops, worktops and also desks. These clear covid screens are often chosen where an opening or hatch is required where items need to be passed through such as at cash registers and reception counters. The advantage of freestanding covid screens is that they are immediately moveable and can be repositioned easily. Freestanding acrylic desk screens are not normally manufactured higher than 80cm height as the feet required to keep the screen upright would need to be too large, and wouldn’t sit on a desktop without taking up too much space. Nevertheless freestanding protective plastic screens are often the best solution for covid protection in a number of areas within offices and workplaces, and add a another protective layer to social distancing measures.

Floorstanding Covid Screens:

Social distancing guidelines recommend that people are separated by a distance of 2 metres, and in busy work environments this is not always possible. As part of the measures to keep people separated wherever possible, transparent floorstanding acrylic screens are now used in a variety of office environments, warehouses, and other workplace domains. Protective floor standing perspex screens provide an extra partition between workers and staff, helping to limit the bacterial transmission whilst maintaining vision. These clear covid protective screens stand upright on feet or wheels and can come as large screens up to 3 metres in length.

Cut-To-Size Covid Protective Screens:

Whilst many office desks are a standard size, often user’s requirements are non-standard and acrylic protection barriers may need to be made to size for your desking. The majority of our covid protective screen products can be made to the size of your requirement and this normally does not affect the lead times. For example, bespoke 1550mm wide desk screens can easily be made if required – we would normally charge the cost of 1600mm wide (standard size) for this – and this would not increase the delivery lead time. If you have any special requirements for clear perspex screens or office desk screens please email or call, and one of our team will get back to you.


Whilst the UK navigates through the Covid-19 pandemic, offices and other workplace environments will need to bring in the relevant safety measures to continue functioning effectively, and protection screens will play a part in those measures. Current government guidance for offices and contact centres includes protective barriers as one of the social distancing measures businesses should employ. Perspex screens for desks are likely to be required for businesses accross the UK as workers gradually return to their former workplaces and offices.

If you have any questions regarding any of our Coronavirus desk screen ranges such as screen sizes, bracket fixings, availabilty, delivery times, or anything else, please do not hesitate to call our sales team on 01892 832880.