Deskshield Acrylic Screen Toppers

Product Description

Delivery Currently 3 Working Days From OrderManufacturers Guarantee 1 Year

Deskshield Acrylic Screen Toppers are clear plastic screen extensions designed to fit onto existing desk divider screens. The extended screen height will increase the physical barrier between workers, providing added protection between workers, whilst maintaining light and vision around the office or workplace. With the presence of COVID-19, screens and barriers are recommended by the government to be installed in workplaces in order to separate people from each other and help reduce the spread of airborne bacteria. Each topper screen is made from 3mm thick acrylic sheet, and is 337mm high, and is secured by two simple black metal clamps which are finger-tightened to clamp onto the existing screen (or three clamps for 1600 or 1800mm screens). The black clamps can accomodate any existing screens up to a thickness of 35mm. The acrylic topper screens come in 7 lengths to accomodate most desk sizes, and additional optional rubber screen protector strips for the edges of the screens can be purchased if required. Any order size will incur a £20+VAT delivery charge. Delivery 1 week from order.

  • Deskshield Acrylic Screen Toppers
  • Each Screen Supplied With 2 Black Metal Clamps (Or 3 Clamps For 1600 & 1800 Screens)
  • Black Metal Clamps Easily Finger-Tighten Onto Your Existing Screen
  • Clamps Can Fit Onto Any Existing Screens Up To 35mm Thickness
  • 3mm Cast Acrylic Sheet - 337mm High
  • Widths: 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 & 1800mm
  • Screens Offer Protection Against Coughing & Sneezing
  • Optional Rubber Screen Protector Strips
  • £20+VAT Carriage Charge On Any Size Order

Product Options

Product DescriptionHeight (mm)Width (mm)PriceQty (exc VAT)
Deskshield Acrylic Screen Topper + 2 Clamps - 600w x 337h Product Code: CKN2681337 600 £57.00
Deskshield Acrylic Screen Topper + 2 Clamps - 800w x 337hProduct Code: CKN2682337 800 £62.00
Deskshield Acrylic Screen Topper + 2 Clamps - 1000w x 337hProduct Code: CKN2683337 1000 £70.00
Deskshield Acrylic Screen Topper + 2 Clamps - 1200w x 337hProduct Code: CKN2684337 1200 £75.00
Deskshield Acrylic Screen Topper + 2 Clamps - 1400w x 337hProduct Code: CKN2685337 1400 £82.00
Deskshield Acrylic Screen Topper + 3 x Clamps - 1600w x 337hProduct Code: CKN2686337 1600 £94.00
Deskshield Acrylic Screen Topper + 3 x Clamps - 1800w x 337hProduct Code: CKN2687337 1800 £99.00
Optional Extras
1 x 337mm Black Rubber Screen Edge ProtectorProduct Code: CKN2688337 £3.00
1 x 5 Metre Length Black Rubber Screen Edge Protector (To Cut To Suit)Product Code: CKN26895000 £25.00
Total Cost: £0.00 exc VAT

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