Polyvinyl Desk Screens

Product Description

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Polyvinyl Desk Screens, protect against infection in a wide variety of settings including offices, dining areas, breakout spaces and public places. The polyvinal is a flexible material supplied on a roll, and when assembled is encased in a strong white aluminium frame. The polyvinal is anti-microbial and easy to clean and disinfect, and the screens ensure users are separated but can maintain visual contact. The screens come with 300mm white feet which can be positioned along the bottom of the frame. Each screen comes as 70cm in height, and in 6 widths to fit most standard desk sizes. Easy to assemble with no tools required.

  • Polyvinyl Desk Screens
  • Suitable For Offices, Dining Areas, Breakout Areas Etc.
  • Clear Flexible Material Encased In A White Aluminium Frame
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain
  • Ensures Users Are Separated But Maintain Visual Contact
  • Each Screen Comes With 300mm Feet Which Can Be Positioned Along THe Bottom Of Each Frame
  • 6 Widths Of Screens To Fit Most Desk Sizes
  • Require Simple Assembly - No Tools Required 

Product Options

Product DescriptionWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)PriceQty (exc VAT)
Polyvinyl Desk Screen 800w x 700hProduct Code: CKN2457800 35 700 £189.00
Polyvinyl Desk Screen 1000w x 700hProduct Code: CKN24581000 35 700 £198.00
Polyvinyl Desk Screen 1200w x 700hProduct Code: CKN24591200 35 700 £211.00
Polyvinyl Desk Screen 1400w x 700hProduct Code: CKN24601400 35 700 £221.00
Polyvinyl Desk Screen 1600w x 700hProduct Code: CKN24611600 35 700 £230.00
Polyvinyl Desk Screen 1800w x 700hProduct Code: CKN24621800 35 700 £239.00
Optional Extras
Desk Edge ClampProduct Code: CKN2476 £19.00