Screenshield L-Shape Desktop Protection Screens

Product Description

Delivery 1-2 Days

Screenshield L-Shape Desktop Protection Screens offer a lightweight and versatile screening system on a quick 1-2 delivery turnaround (2-3 days for larger quantities). With a unique magnetic click system, these screens can be fitted in seconds, needing no tools, and leaving no lasting damage to surfaces. By providing a physical barrier between staff, Screenshields help to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria between workers and customers, while the risk of COVID-19 still surounds us.

Magnetic holding disks are positioned and stuck (with strong adhesive bases) onto the desk surface corners, and poles are then clicked into place onto the magnetic disks. From the first post, the polyethylene film is then wrapped around the central post, (creating the L- shape), before positioning the final post onto its magnetic base. The L-Shape Screenshields come in 3 lengths and each length can be adjusted from its maximum length downwards, by tightening the wrap around the final pole to accomodate different desk sizes. UK manufactured and 100% recyclable materials. Any order size will incur a £10+VAT delivery charge. Delivery 1-2 days from order. Assembly instructions included.

  • Screenshield L-Shape Protection Screens
  • Simple Assembly With No Tools Required
  • 3 x Aluminium Upright Posts & Polyethylene Film 
  • 850mm High Transparent Screens 
  • Widths: 1800mm, 2600mm & 3000mm
  • 100% Recyclable Materials
  • Screens Help Prevent The Spread Of Germs By Creating A Physical Barrier
  • £10+VAT Carriage Charge On Any Size Order

Product Options

Product DescriptionHeight (mm)Width (mm)PriceQty (exc VAT)
Screenshield L-Shape Desktop Protection Screen 1800w x 850hProduct Code: CKN2901850 1800 £144.00
Screenshield L-Shape Desktop Protection Screen 2600w x 850hProduct Code: CKN2902850 2600 £164.00
Screenshield L-Shape Desktop Protection Screen 3000w x 850hProduct Code: CKN2903850 3000 £174.00
Screenshield Pack Of 10 Spare Magnetic Adhesive Discs (For Repositioning Screens To Different Desks)Product Code: CKN2909 £15.00