Floor Standing Protection Screens

Floor standing perspex protection screens became a common feature in work areas, offices, schools, restaurants, and hospitality spaces accross the UK in 2020. Floor standing covid screens as well as protective desk partition screens helped to limit the spread of airborne bacteria, by keeping workers, customers, and students at a safe distance from each other by creating a physical barrier. Floor mounted perspex or acrylic screens became a popular choice as these transparent partition screens still allow light to pass through offices and work areas, maintaining the open feel of the office or room, whilst also providing the protective barrier required. These perspex office screens are also easily wipeable or washable, allowing the partition screens to be kept safe and bacteria free.

Our perspex floor standing screens come with wheels, or feet, and in a large number of sizes. Tall 2 metre high perspex screens and 3 metre wide screens are available as options to section off larger areas, and a variety of mid-size and smaller size partition screens are also available, with feet or castors.

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