5 Most Annoying Colleagues in the Workplace

Unless you've never had a job or you're extremely tolerant, there's a good chance you've had the pleasure of working with some of the most annoying people you've ever met. Here's a list of the most annoying colleagues in the office, and how to handle them without becoming one of them:

#1 The Personal Space Invader

This colleague's main aim is to invade your personal space, whether they're just 'popping over' for a chat, or draping themselves over your desk to see what you're up to, this person seems like they just want to be next to you ALL of the time.

How to Handle:

In this situation it's a good idea to be pro-active rather than reactive. Make your area unwelcoming. Place your bag or briefcase next to you on the floor and fill your normally minimalist bench desk and any spare chairs with papers, books and anything else you can think of to ensure the Personal Space Invader has nowhere to park themselves.

#2 The Gossip

The colleague that knows everything about everybody, they'd even make up rumours about the office furniture if they could!

How to Handle:

Avoidance is key here. If you see the office gossip heading in your direction, make a swift exit to make an 'important call' or to prepare for your upcoming meeting.

#3 The Know-It-All

The one that's always right, even when they're wrong. The one that's been here the longest, and knows everything that needs to be known about your profession. If you've been to Tenerife, they've been to Elevenerife.

How to Handle:

If you're going  into a meeting, go in prepared and take measures to ensure there's minimal reason for the Know-It-All to argue. Compile notes and figures to back up your points and if the Know-It-All still tried to challenge you, just sit back, nod and smile. They hate that!

#4 The Office Bully

Usually this colleague will have some sort of authority that they'll use to make you do jobs that they don't want to do like cleaning out the office filing cabinets. Then they'll mock you for it in front of everybody else.

How to Handle:

Take the advice you've probably been hearing throughout your life - “be the bigger person and walk away.” Don't engage in arguments but make it clear that you're not a pushover, and you're not willing to carry out tasks that aren't in your job description.

#5 The Loud Talker

This colleague is usually the source of information to 'The Gossip'. The Loud Talker ensures that they can be heard throughout the office, at all times. Whether it's during a telephone call, a meeting or amongst a group of other employees. It's an annoyance, it's unnecessary and it's a distraction.

How to Handle:

The only way to handle the loud talker is to take them to one-side and explain that they're being a little bit on the loud side, and you're finding it hard to concentrate. The Loud Speaker may take this as a surprise but you'll be considered the Office Hero, for a while anyway!