Ever in demand, (despite the talk of the paperless office!), used filing cabinets are a staple stocked item at our warehouse. Our ranges of used filing cabinets provide a cost-effective option to meet the storage needs of any office. We normally have a number of grey metal or coffee/cream metal filing cabinets in 2, 3 or 4-drawer versions, and also will normally have stocks of wooden filing cabinets which can be in beech, oak or sometimes darker shades of teak or mahogany. The majority of our second hand filing cabinets are in good to nearly-new condition, but we often pick up used filing cabinets which are functional, but older and sometimes marked - and prove a popular and economical solution for back-room archive storage. Call us on 01892 832880 for more details, or for any queries regarding our stock of second hand office furniture. We also stock a selection of new office filing cabinets.

Used And Second Hand Filing Cabinets - The Ideal Storage Solution


Good quality filing cabinets are essential for many office spaces or home studies. We have heard the stories which involve online databases of customer details being hacked or wiped, or how a single thoughtless computer error can result in the deletion of all of that carefully amassed financial information for the coming tax year. As such, it can be a good business practice to keep a hard copy of all of those important documents in one of those classic 2 to 4 drawer filing cabinets that we were already using before the internet came along. Indeed, keeping documents safe and sound is not only useful - it can also be a legal requirement for your business.

One of our spacious used filing cabinets will enable you to organise all of your papers with the utmost ease. You may utilise a drawer for invoices, a drawer for tax related documents, and another drawer devoted to customer information, for example. Many of these handy used file cabinets come with lockable drawers. Second hand lockable filing cabinets are an added bonus because they will provide your documents with extra protection from thieves or prying eyes.

Our array of second hand filing cabinets will surprise you with its variety. Here you will be able to find used metal filing cabinets for sale, alongside classic wooden cabinets. In sum, whether you are seeking cheap 2 drawer filing cabinets for a small home office or a few larger second hand 4 drawer filing cabinets for a bigger commercial premises, you will find just what you need in our selection. Needless to say, all of the second hand filing cabinets for sale here are checked and cleaned before being sold and delivered, and many of them have quirky features and unique touches that cannot be found in newly produced filing cabinets.


Save On Cost AND Help The Environment


Deforestation is an urgent problem in the world today. It remains the case that most office furniture is made of wood, and when it is newly manufactured this can result in the unnecessary cutting down of precious trees in irreplaceable forests. The production of new metal filing cabinets is also damaging to the environment as it uses up a lot of energy and water and causes the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Why cut down trees to make more office furniture and filing cabinets when you can purchase second hand 3 drawer filing cabinets, second hand 2 drawer filing cabinets and more from us? Many companies benefit from being able to brand themselves as an eco friendly place to work and to do business with. Treading lightly on the earth is something that today's consumers are valuing more and more.

One way of showing your environmental awareness is by purchasing office furniture second hand wherever it is possible to do so. In addition, buying second hand filing cabinets tends to be much cheaper than purchasing a new filing cabinet. Your office budget will be looking much healthier when you restock your range of office furniture from our second hand range. In short, you will get two benefits in one when you purchase a second hand cabinet from us: not only will you be snapping up a brilliant bargain, but you will also be helping the environment.


Large Stocks Of Second Hand Filing Cabinets In Stock At Our Warehouse


Want to grab second hand filing cabinets cheap as can be? Buy wholesale or in bulk to get a fantastic price. We have an extensive range of second hand filing cabinets available in our office furniture warehouse. Browse today and pick out the filing cabinet that best suits your office space. Different kinds of wood finishes and metals are represented in our ranges. Whether you are looking for something basic and functional or older-style and retro, you should be able to find it here amongst our used office furniture stock. If you are seeking a filing cabinet that is highly user friendly or whether your priority is ensuring that the cabinet is resistant to all unauthorised attempts to open it, again, you will have no problem finding it in our collection. The ordering process is as quick and simple, and once you have placed your order for the filing cabinet (or cabinets), we will ensure that they are delivered to your business or home as quickly as possible. Take the opportunity to redecorate your office space a little today: browse our large range of metal and wooden used filing cabinets.

From our warehouse in Kent, our delivery vans are constantly delivering new and used office furniture including used filing cabinets to our main delivery areas of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London, however if you are further afield we are also able to cover most UK locations - just call today to enquire on 01892 832880.